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What a Riot!

Looking back on this past weekend, I literally slapped my forehead (believe me when I say it hurted) and it hurt. I knew this moment would come when I regret not taking that chance. But nope, this cheap skeaze bolted at the last second. I can't really say what made me run out of my meeting. (I have a feeling Snowy and Mj are shaking their heads with dissapointment at me... any moment now my cell is going to vibrate with a text from either one with a message I wouldn't want to repeat) I was hardly terrfied, but the only word that could sum up my actions is panic. I try not to do things at the last minute,because I want to be known as the person who keeps their word. And this weekend so totally backfired. If I couldn't hear any ringing in my ears, I would glady slap my forehead again. But I won't, because honestly... no good would come out of it.

So... I don't want to do any "what if's"... and I don't want to cause more physical harm to myself, so I'll just focus more on other things.

I'm waiting for my packet, which is supposed to be mailed to me from the Arizona State University Athletic Department. I am planning on taking my nephew to a football camp this summer and the only one I am interested in is the ASU youth football camp. I guess I could look around for others, but I am counting on this. For now all I know is that it's scheduled for the first week in June. I have my leave slip ready to send to my supervisor... but no packet... so while I am anxiously waiting for that, I sign onto my facebook profile and look up any interesting tid-bits to add to my blog posts. 

Aside from viewing a small clip of a 8 year old child who got married, there is really nothing that caught my attention. I didn't get to watch Obama's address to the Congress.. if thats what was that I was supposed to do. But I did get to finish 7 requistions today. Each was at the most 5 pages long. Those schools sure do order a bunch of supplies. Not that that is a bad thing. I like emailing the principals urging them to use of their monies before the fiscal year ends. If only I could order myself an iPod touch, which would benefit everyone, because not only would it make me happier, and give me more reason to come to work, it would really be an educational boost. If that makes any sense. if it doesn't, don't worry, I think slapping myself earlier made my screws loose.

So Kai'li is suppose to turn 9 months this month.. but darn February has 28 days not 30 days (Kai'li was born May 30) so would he quailify to be 9 months? So do I skip this month and continue telling everyone he is still 8 months? I get weekly emails from babycenter.com about my baby and even that doesn't clarify anything. All it tells me is that Kai'li is now 8months and 5 weeks. So does that officially make him 9 months? Ugh. I hate 28 day months. I feel sorrier for all those people who were born on Febraury 29.. they turn one year older every 2 years.

Just to clear up the subject on Maggie. Maggie is my car. I named her when I purchased her a few years ago. I thought that since she was a red car (oh yeah, the car is female) that entitles her to a red-head name... and Maggie sounds like a red headed person.  All that came to me was an Irish gal name Maggie... so Maggie is a red head, possibly Irish and she kisses boy cars... really she does. I parked at a Wal-mart parking lot and she gave the blue chevy impala, which was parked across from us, a little peck on the lips. Thats just how she is I guess. She flirts. I think she even winks that the hummers that drive by. (haha, yeah I think i slapped myself too hard) Anyway, just letting you know who Maggie is... my little sister, Snowy drive her sometimes, so I have to remind her to be gentle with Maggie, which I post on facebook.



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