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Almost Summer

This weekend was full of activity. Not only did I enter 2 fun walks (which I never-ever-ever do), I also spent some quality time with my loves. It didn't hit me until yesterday evening, when my bff, Shaun, texted me about her weekend, (which included a small description on how the PHX, Az temps were high) that I finally looked outside to see how the weather was in eastern Arizona, which was... I should say, beautiful. It was overcast with dark rain clouds and toward the east I could barely make out the clouds that were showering the area... I should have snapped a picture, but instead I closed the curtains, smiled and text back "Yes, its pretty awesome here... a nice 77 degrees"

So... I am including the next few days temps just to show you how great my week is going to go... and how much I am hoping that it stays like this for a little while longer...

I can't wait until Monsoon kicks in because than Easter Arizona will be WONDERFUL!!!

Have a wonderful day and week!

A New Day A Whole New Perspective

Ok, so I just finally got used to my Blogger account and can finally post things without clicking the Help Link every 10 seconds.., haha so sad to say, that I will be slowly phasing this blog out... my new blog link is listed under my Links on the side bar.
Thanks for be-friending me and reading my live-journal.

Ready, Set, Go!!

I have a feeling I won't be posting anything new for awhile. Just because I am busy and I am not feeling that vibe to write anything worth reading. I always seem to post more things to my facebook than anywhere else anyway, so feel free to read whatever I have posted. So.... since we're on the verge of the weekend, I have my calender all filled up with travel and appointments. But since it's thursday and I won't be around my precious laptop tomorrow, and maybe saturday, I just wanted to share a little greeting.

Have an awesome weekend!!


Its only Wednesday


I haven't gotten around to blogging lately. I've recently entered a weight loss competition, which I think I am doing pretty good on, last week. So from aside from work and home, I have been forcing myself to count calories, cut out (a lot of) sugary and carb-y foods, and work in some cardio work outs, in my already busy schedule. It's been a week and 3 days since I have not had any diet soda, it still beckons to me, but I have to squeeze my eyes shut. But so far my team has lost a total of 14 pounds. I'm excited for it. Like I said, I am up for competition and I like to win. haha

Easter sunday is quickly approaching and I am also in the process of making my boy's their baskets. I just need to do my awesome motherly baking and whip up a batch of oatmeal, sugar and chocolate chip cookies. I know, I know... it may smell tastey, but this chica is focused on the prize...

A never ending parade of stupid

My lips are freaken chapped, so I have chapsticks laying around in different locations. So when I got back from work I noticed I needed to apply a new coat onto my lips when I looked toward the counter expecting to see the strawberry flavored lip balm, but there was nothing. I ran to the car, knowing that the regular chap stick was near the disc case, but there was nothing, at this point I was about to start cursing, because my face felt so uncomfortable. So I came back into the house and started looking for my purse, because I swear if none were on the counter or in the car, they better be in the damn bag. I found my purse and found...


I was pretty upset, because I could not locate the 5 chapsticks that I had. After a five minute search I got frustrated and threw my hands in my sweater pocket in an attempt to be childish, but instead found 3 of the 5 chapsticks. So now I feel better that I can actually talk and not limit my mouth movement. In the process I decided to recheck my purse to see if maybe I overlooked it... I didn't, but I did notice I had weird stuff that probably doesn't belong in a ladies purse (Iron Man, Spider Man and baby food). But things like that tend to happen when you're a mother of 4 sons. I just don't recall when they decided that my purse should be the home of Iron Man and Spider Man.

In other news, I was browsing through some Twilight fan-sites (which I do regularly each day) and noticed that some blog posted a picture of the official New Moon movie poster. Being the Twilight nerd that I am, I clicked the link and scanned the rest of the article and found it quite amusing. First of all just look at the picture.

Ugh... come on... that is the offical movie poster? I've seen that graphic millions of times, the least they could have done was release a little teaser one with characters and such. But no, they leave the Twilight fans with nothing new to ooh-and-ahh over. But while I was still combing through the New Moon Movie fan-site, I found real cute and creative fan made movie posters... so check these out...


They're pretty nice aren't they? Someone apparently has a lot of time on their hands to create these pretty-good movie posters. I like the first one, because it makes the movie look more intense. While the second one, is well... umm, okay. I thought that Edward was looking at the small Edward on the bottom right thinking "Have you read the book? I'm not suppose to step out into the sunlight." or he could also be using his "dazzling" technique on small Edward and that is why small Edward is in that weird postion. But what I just don't get is... is there no other picture of Taylor as Jacob? Do they seriously have to keep using that same photo? Oh well... wait a second, I had to re-evaluate the photos, and decided that they aren't the same photos (not really) I just wish Summit would just release the official New Moon movie poster featuring Bella, Edward and Jacob, already! No... scratch that, I want Summit to release the official New Moon movie poster featuring the Wolf Pack! *smiles* now that is what I'm anxiously waiting for.

I went on to other fan-sites that I check... thats been like my daily habit. Most people have their daily dose of caffeine, I on the other hand... need to have my daily dose of Twilight/New Moon updates... *tee hee*
Have a great week!

In total denial...

I was cleaning out my Facebook inbox when I noticed Lauren's note on High School Musical Three. I got curious and started reading her little memo on her high school memories... I couldn't help but laugh out loud at some funny answers... then I realized that it was a survey of some sorts. I thought I'd share it with whoever wants to read mine. I gotta warn you, it ain't pretty... its the best I could remember of high school. So here it is:

Fill this out about your High School years. The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be!! Share your memories!

Tag friends who you want to share HS experiences with...Copy and paste your answers into "Your Notes" section in your profile.

1. Did you date someone from your school?
Hmm... good question. I don't even know if dating is the right word for it. I like the phrase "messing around" because it fits the word how guys looked at relationships... so to stick to the question. No I did not date anyone from school... UNLESS you want to count that one time that guy asked if I wanted to "go-out"... then maybe.

2. Did you marry someone from your high school?
I probably would have been. If we actually went through with the plans. But it being a spurr of the moment (we were enlisting witnesses haha) I think common sense finally kicked it... so great news with that, because now I'd probably be divorced or seperated.. haha

3. Did you carpool to school?
No, why would I do that? I lived like right across the school grounds and I was embarrased to even have my parents drop me off. But sometimes friends would pick me up.

4. What kind of car did you have?
I had no car. I didn't know how to drive.

5. What kind of car do you have now?
2006 Hyundai (if thats how you spell it, too lazy to go outside and check)... and her name is Maggie.

6. It's Friday night...where are you THEN?
Wait... I'm trying to backtrack... eh.. most likely at Tanaya's house... and MIA. (My name was constantly on the radio for Attempt to Locate... haha I'm still embarrassed over it)i was a freaken idiot back then... haha a very stupid idiot.

7. It is Friday night...where are you NOW?
At home.. yeah thats what I get for living in sin and getting knocked up 4 years in a row with someone who doesn't care for me.

8. What kind of job did you have in high school?
There was some program for students who wanted to work during the summer... JOM? I don't know, but they placed you in a business all over the rez, so thats what I did... got stuck in the same building as my mother.

9. What kind of job do you do now?
I am an Administrative Assistant (a fancy shmancy word for recepitonist/secretary) with the School District.

10. Were you a party animal?
Pretty much tried to be... but I don't think I even fit that description. One drink and I was basically already wasted... I wasn't even fun to drink with. haha

11. Were you considered a flirt?
No, because there weren't really any good looking guys in high school, who were quailified to flirt with... and the ones that were... were and still are gay. Plus, I didn't have the skills to flirt. Seems everyone around here is either related or already a baby daddy.. haha

12. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?
I don't even think the school had any of these programs...

13. Were you a nerd?
I assume I was a total nerd... I wish I stayed a nerd. I probably would have made my parents happier.

14. Did you get suspended or expelled?
That was my Junior High School phase... high school was ok, I didn't get into that much trouble were it warranted for expulsion or suspension.

15. Can you sing the fight song?
No.. I heard it once, but it was stupid, whoever wrote the fight song must have been on drugs or something, because it didn't even get anyone into the homecoming or school spirit... well maybe for the die hard fans... and class rivalries..

16. Who was/were your favorite teacher(s)?
Umm..... I have no idea, I don't think I could even pin point the teachers now.. but I loved the English teachers, because I loved my english classes... says much about me eh?

17. Where did you sit during lunch?
hahaha... I don't know... in the cafeteria?? hey wait, did we even have a cafeteria? no.. i think we had open campus....*thinks* where did I go?????

18. What was your school's full name?
Alchesay High School

19. When did you graduate?
Two Thousand and Two

20.What was your school mascot?
The (Frisky) Falcons

21. If you could go back and do it again, would you?
Yes, I'd focus on getting better grades... soo totaly would never have went to Kansas... then me and Lavar probably would have went straight to Mesa.. wait... why is he in my plans?? haha but yes, I would made it more memorable.

22. Did you have fun at Prom?
Haha... not my Junior.. (even though I hung with my friends)... Senior.. flying back from kansas to go to prom was fun.. the prom itself should have been better... never ever let your prom date get drunk, especially when you can't drive... but my trip back to the airport was awesome... I didn't miss my flight, but I got to spend another night in PHX in an awesome suite.

23. Do you still talk to the person you went to Prom with?
Which Prom? haha ummm when its neccessary... haha hey! I can't help that he is the father of my children. We have this insane/stupid relationship thingy.. which I am terrible at elaborating... not that anyone is interested in that subject. But... yes I still do talk to him.

24. Are you planning on going to your next reunion?
If we have any... I think class of '99 is tryin to do one.. but not sure about class of 2002... coool new project to start on.. haha I'd be the one with the huge group of kids... at the spiked punch bowl... and probably knocked up again... hahahahhahaha

Beep Beep Bleepity Blop

***May contain movie spoilers***
While browsing through the electronics section at Wal-Mart I happen to come across this DVD: The Next Avengers. I remember watching a preview of it a while back. From which previous movie, I'm not sure of, but I just recall thinking "Cool!! I must get that for the boys!". So now that I found it, I was undecided... Twilight or The Next Avengers? Eh... I was persistent in getting Twilight the movie (since I was a huge fan of the movie and story) and being an indolent person, I had practically forced myself to get out of the house. All for one and only one reason, which was to buy Twilight. So standing there with both DVDs in each hand... examining both, is how the boys found me. They made the choice, which I was a little peeved about, since I had had my thoughts on watching Robert Pattinson for the rest of the week. But after a quick scan on the DVD details, I was intrigued. When I had watched the preview of it I honestly thought that they were the original Avengers... only younger. So when we got home I had to watch it. And now... I LOVE IT! It's like the second best cartoon ever. Of course it has life's lesson and the coolest plot. I on the other hand would turn toward the boys with a little lecture or two. "See, that is WHY you listen to adults!" and "Don't you ever ever EVER do that! Do you hear ME?" But, I was a bit surprised that the main chracters consist of the children of the Avengers. I was shocked (since I am new to the Avengers stuff) to find out that Captain America ended up with Black Widow (isn't Scarlett Johansson going to play Black Widow in Iron Man 2?) and The Wasp ended up with the Giant...(how the heck did that happen... and I put heavy emphasis on how) the screen writer didn't elaborate on who Thor, Black Panther and Hawkeye had impregnated... and I was curious too. These children were adorable and the boys enjoyed it... only because they seen flashbacks of Captain America, as well as Tony Stark (who had aged) as Iron Man and the Hulk (who also aged)... so seeing the famous heroes with White hair was weird... oh oh, and Betty too.. you know that chick who could calm the Hulk down? Yea, her, she was in it too, just with white hair and wrinkles. But anyway, after the movie, I whipped out my laptop and looked up anything Avengers related. So I am proud of myself that I actually know some of these heroes... YouTube did help with the old animations. Which was neat.

"Look Mom! Marty!!!!!"

DJ's class's end of the year trip is to the Phoenix Zoo. I know that half of the class (my son included) has already been to the Zoo, but I think its cute that they get to experience the trip together. So I couldn't help but remember our family trip to the Zoo. The boys were more interested in seeing Alex, Marty and Melman. Going back to the zoo this coming month, I am determined to finish from where we left off. Once we had entered the Zoo, all I heard was "Mom! Mom! I wanna see Alex... and Melman... and Marty!!" so thats is how we saw it... by the time we got to 1/3 of the zoo (and had seen only Alex, Melman) I was annoyed that the weather was already warming up, the boys wanted corn dogs (even after eating stacks of pancakes at IHOP) and I was the idiot that wore flip flops. So it amused me when our group reached the zebras and Dj turned toward me with huge eyes "MOM!!! LOOK MARTY!!! Okay, can we go home now?". So I figured, yeah, well... at least they got to see some animals.. and they will eventually come back and see the rest. So we left, since my feet were killing me. Next month I am most definitely going to pack my walking shoes.

Another day of chaos

"Today, you'll have the chance to make connections with unlikely people in some unlikely places. Before you realize what is happening, you might find yourself talking to someone you never would have considered talking to before -- and loving it. It's all part of a new phase you are going through, when coworkers are suddenly fascinating and your curiosity about other people will be undeniable. And while you might not get a lot more social today, your calendar is filling up." - Cancer (6/22-7/22)
This is my horoscope for today: March 17, 2009. As for the connections with unlikely people, eh... hasn't happened yet. And I talk to a lot of people who I would have never considered talking to before... but today, well this just proves some horoscopes hit the mark. Because one person actually had a deep conversation with moi a few hours ago.... I didn't love it...but still I talked to someone I clearly don't talk to. I wish I had a new phase... or I wish I knew what phase I was going through.. maybe the "new" phase is gaining all the weight back that I lost...haha and i actually thought a few of my co-workers were fascinating. We had a pot luck today and as we sat around I listened in on some conversations and realized... "Wow! I never knew they knew this much stuff" so I put in my few cents about a random joke I did last night. And no.... my calendar has not filled up like I hoped to... I had to wipe it clean, because the one person who was to watch the boys just broke up with me. I find it more hilarious each time. I don't know how long this will last, but I give it less than a week... if more... than I'll stand up and applause that tweedle-dee for actually sticking to their word.

Speaking of pot lucks, I am so exhausted. I think someone must have put some drowsy drug in the chicken wrap. I can hardly see the screen, because I yawn every few seconds and my eyes scrunch up and fill with moisture... see there it goes again. If anyone happens to see me, they would think I'm crying, even if I am smiling. I am surprised that I can even type clearly. In a few minutes all you'll be reading is adjfajfoaeiurqdjvodjfoaiuqefo dfjadrfiuqefjdvnlakmpqoekfapjef asdka[qweio ajlpqeir38-93eoadkjvadjfue or something in that nature. I need to wake up... NOW!

I actually know how to blackmail. I know that sounds weird. But today I got an email from someone who owes me money. Me, being a nice person lent out money and expect it to be returned pronto. So I get an email from someone who goes on about how I owe them money. I almost threw my sandal at the screen with frustration, but I journaled back to that day and remembered minor details. So I used what I could remember and said "Hey! If you don't give it back to me, then......" I won't reveal my awesome techniques or threat, but I'll tell you this. I am getting my money... the whole damn thing on friday. So there. Don't mess with me Biatch!

I also signed up for a blogger account, but found that I like live-journal wayy better. I haven't posted anything to that bloggy thing and I probably won't for a while. I need to work on my blogging skills, because I have not perfected it yet... and I don't know if I ever will.

I just realized it's St. Patricks Day. AWESOME! I just don't get it. I should probably look up how it came to be, but since I am so friggin tired right now, I'll pass on that. If I had more umpf today this blog would be more entertaining, but nada. So sorry if you had to read this crap. Its been a long day and I am hella tired. So have a great evening... enjoy your green beers.

More Fundraising Activites

So many things seem to stress me out easily these days. More of a frustration than stress though.

I am mostly irked by the parents who aren't helping out with the fundraising events. I have 4 sons from the ages of 4 to 9 months, and still I have been to every meeting and every event DJ's classroom sponsored. What gets me mad is that while 6 of us (parents) who have actually been there from meeting 1 and raised over $1,000.00 for our children to go on an end of the year trip, the rest of the parents who have been a no show throughout the year can still go on the trip. I dedicated a lof of hours to make this trip happen and those skeazey non-participating jerks get to go... what is that about? I am pretty sure that 6 parents plus 2 teachers can help maintain 19 students. And even if those parents did come they should be paying for their own admissions and meals and whatever else. I also feel sorry for the students who's parents aren't trying to participate. I know they may be busy or have no transportation, but in every meeting its always the same parents. We even put our names on a contact sheet sent it out to the teacher and rest of the parents, so if anyone wanted information on the planned events for a ride to a meeting, they could call me or anyone on the list. I think the only time I actually saw more than 6 parents were at our Christmas party at least 75% of the classroom came and that was because we did a name drawing and pot luck... and to make it worse my poor son didn't even get a gift from the person who got his name... which upset me more, because that kid got his gift and walked out when no one noticed. I am pretty sure his teacher ended up buying his gift for him... but my whole complaint is against those parents who aren't even trying to help with this fun trip. I have met 6 mothers and fathers who I admire, because they want to make their child's  first school year experience memorable too. At least now DJ has made new friends who he waves to at the local store and will invite to his birthday party. I would have liked the opportunity to meet all 19 parents. It's just mind boggling that soo many people have an easy life because they let other people do the hard stuff. So... now that I let out all that steam I will get ready for the meeting tonight and voice my concern on this startling news.

In other news, I burnt my tongue. I ate hot chicken fried rice and burnt it. So now when I swallow I try not to wince.

Son #2 has some weird thing going on with his face. I took him to the hospital in hopes they would tell me whats going on. Those weirdos didn't tell me anything, just gave us meds and practically ushered us out... so when people ask what's wrong, I don't even know what to tell them. so I don't even know if he should be quarantine. But nevertheless, he is at home away from other kids. I don't think its contagious though... the only person who was near him got pink eye, and I don't even think thats a sympton. Oh well.

So last night I had one of the weirdest dreams ever. I only remember because my co-worker, Kayti, was in it. And of couse I had to tell my sister, Snowy and then re-tell Kayti. But it was hilarious that I even dreamed any of that stuff up. Maybe it was because I had seen the Super Bowl teaser trailer of the upcoming G.I. Joe movie and now am obsessed with it, because Channing Tatum is in it... as Duke (yeaaa, he was a total hottie in "She's the Man" as Duke also) but a more action packed Duke. So WHOOOPPPPEEE can't wait for that to come out.

So back to my ridiculous dream. I swear I have no idea how I even started it. But I must have been important (of course I am) to be surrounded by a SWAT/G.I.JOE/Secret Service-ish team. haha and I guess me being into that Vampire stuff might have given me some type of motivation to starr in this silly dream. I don't recall having any secret powers, but I did have some major ass-kicking skills. For a few of you who do not know my homeland in Arizona... there are little communities surrounding the little town of Whiteriver, like Another World, Canyon Day, Seven Mile, Whiskey Flat... (haha Yeah, yeah, I have no idea where they come up with the names) and Diamond Creek. Diamond Creek is where my dream started. There's this house in the back roads (headed out toward Hawley Lake) and it was a pretty neat house too, I know there were a lot of people. Me being one of them. I had one of my sons with me, my baby Keeshay, but he was what... umm about 4 montsh old, not the squirmy shmuck he is now. I don't think I knew anyone else but I am pretty sure they were people I know...  But we were in this house, and like I said I must have been important, because this group of guys were all scattered around the pretty room talking about some classified mumbo-jumbo and how to execute the top secret whatchamacallit. I was among them and scared silly. I had no idea what was going on. I just know that I trusted these people....(seriously it was like one of the action movies where there were tanks and helicopters and lotsa blood) to take care of me and Kai'li. The funny part was that even though I figured out I was the important person, I didn't deserve that much protection. Here is the funny part. The house was made of steel. So nothing could penetrate it. I heard shots ringing... and possibly people screaming... come to think of it, I think they were fighting or something outside. Anyway this team of special protectors told me that we were to go into town and then the head honcho dude woudl meet us at the "place". Don't know where that was, so I figured yeah, they know what they are talking about. But right before we were leaving, I happend to glance outside and my co-worker, Kayti came walking up the drive way. I think I must have screamed or something, because they dragged her in. She didn't know what was going on and didn't know the dangers. So she ended up having to come with our team. I just remember her and I having idle chit chat...haha something about working and Odettes.. haha I know this dream is weird. During our departure a group of crazies who I am guessing are the bad guys sprung upon us by first bridge. My secret service team whoopped ASSS!! I think I did a few uppercuts also (all while holding Kai'li). But we made it to the "place" with no casualties.. the place ended up being the Memorial Hall.. It looked as it does now on the outside, but when we got inside it was sooo different, it was like a resort or something.. a few stories inside. My dream was pretty weird, by then I was past thinking that it was stupid. Anyway, the head honcho, whom, I am pretty sure was in a movie I watched earlier this past month, updated me on the details of what the war was on.  haha. I apparently had the "evil" leader guy's baby (which was Kai'li) and he was trying to take him.. with me or without me.. so I guess I was just important to that point where I had the baby with me. And... the evil guy didn't have a name, just a face. The picture of the evil dude was flashed on the projector thingy... he looked like a hottie, made me smile, because even in my dreams I had good taste. But he was the bad guy (booo!!) I don't know why he was bad or why I ended with a bad guy, just that he was trying to take Kai'li away from me. So this resort place (Oh by the way Kayti went somewhere.. lol maybe to get some margaritas and that was the only time she was in my dream, her little cameo haha) was all decked out with secret service people dressed in their black suits with ties and cool shades. They had like ear pieces or whatever to communicate with their fellow team members. Now comes the really hilarious parts. I don't exactly remember what all happend, but when it got to the evening the bad guys broke into the place and caused major chaos. People were fighting like Street Fighter meets Mortal Kombat. I had hid sleeping Kai'li in a room and ventured out to take a looksie (not a smart move on my dream me) in the midst of running down a long hall, the guy who was looking for Kai'li found me and was stalking towards me.. the next was like a horror movie where you know that dumb stupid girl (who is me in this dream) gets killed. It turns out he is a vampire... (hahahahahahaha thats funny) I know I was hella scared and every turn he was there, blocking my path and what not, I know I did some major ass kicking... who knew I had those skills in my dreams? I woke up before anything happend.. and it was 7:10am.. I had overslept.. and I got to work by 8.. 

That was a funny dream.. I have no idea where that came from... but it was funny to tell my family about it.

I just hope it doesn't pick up from where it left off... because I know I'd probably die or something.. and worse that pyscho would possible find Kai'li. Dreams are scary... and nice sometimes.... just wish I didn't have major ones like this...



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